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Parents Corner
So you've joined BART and are wondering... "What Now?" Here's a quick check list for parents after initial registration:

Join USSA :
and join Tri-State:

Sign up for races! You have to go to the tri-state site, select races you which to participate in and send each an USSa_entry_card1.pdf
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and your payment. Do not wait to do this, we recommend you send them all out in December!!

Volunteer! We host two home races each year and we need everyone's support to make these successful. As each race approaches we will email out requests, don't be shy, sign up early!

Encourage FUN! The kids are learning a ton at practice, then race day comes and they are a bundle of nerves and anxiety~ When do I start? what's a flush/combination? how did I place? what was my time? We encourage them to relax and enjoy the day, results will improve with practice and the rest will all fall into place. If the parents have questions, or want more information on rules, equipment etc, we encourage you to explore the internet for tutorials on gates and course set up and ASK US! We are here to assist!

Dress for Success! It's a winter sport and yes, it gets COLD. We practice and race in ALL conditions. It is very unlikely we will have a cancellation, but if we do, we will email entire group and post on the Website. We encourage families to dress the kids for a very cold day every time. They can remove layers if they get too warm. Race day they are typically in their suits 90% of the time. A good pair of zip off ski pants for in between runs and underarmour/sweats/PJ's underneath are a must! Handwarmers, toe warmers, extra socks, pack it all! PARENTS~ you are standing on ice for sometimes 8 hours... bring a small piece of carpet to stand on, it helps reduce cold feet and back strain:)

Support and Cheer! You will hear us say it over and over again throughout the year: Practice hard, try your best, but please cross the finish line with a smile! Parents are invited to attend every race and to be their childs' and all the other racers biggest fans! (The only time you can not yell is if you are a gate keeper!).

Welcome to BART~ We promise to make this a Fast~Fun~Fantastic experience!

Membership does not included lift tickets. There are a variety of lift ticket packages available at the Ski Bradford ticket office.


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